Importance of Water

Importance of water? How much water is enough? Good water is essential to body cleansing. It’s obvious. It sounds like a truism. Your body goes down fast without water. Water makes up almost three-fourths of the body. Every cell is regulated, monitored and dependent on an efficient flow of water. Not one of the processes in our bodies could take place without water. Water is something that we take for granted. Lastly, how many of us really understand how essential water is. What happens to our body if it doesn’t receive pure water every day?

  • Water is the adhesive that bonds your cell architecture. Therefore, when you get enough water fluid retention decreases, and gland and hormone functions improve.
  • Water regulates your body temperature, maintains your equilibrium and helps the liver break down and release more fat.
  • Water carries every nutrient, mineral, vitamin, protein, hormone and chemical messenger in your body to its destination.
  • Proteins and enzymes, the basis for your body’s healing capacity, function efficiently only when you have enough water.
  • Your brain tissue is 85% water. Messages from your brain to everywhere else in your body are transported on “waterways.”

Water is essential to the cleansing processes of your body.

  • Lubricates and flushes wastes and toxins from all cells.
  • Cleanses the internal organs.
  • Helps eliminate toxins from the bloodstream.

Additionally, drinking enough water is critical to keep your skin soft, your brain sharp and your elimination systems regular. Most Americans have reduced their intake of fats (including the good Omega-3 fats) to the point that their bodies don’t hold and use the water they do take in. Therefore, it’s one of the reasons I recommend adding more sea greens to your diet for moister skin, shining eyes and lustrous hair.

Importance of water for the body.

Firstly, the human body is a water machine‚ designed primarily to run on water and minerals. Secondly, every life giving and healing process that happens inside our body… happens with water. Finally, in just the last decade medical science has begun to focus more on the tremendous healing ability our body. Lastly, our body instinctively knows how and strives to sustain youthful longevity‚ and in its every effort… water is the key.

“The quantity and quality of the water we drink has a dramatic impact on our health.”