Terminox Mineral

Terminox Mineral is cutting edge. All of the highest quality iron filters use a media called Terminox®.

Terminox® includes an oxidizing mineral, like a rock, that comes out of the ground. It NATURALLY oxidizes things such as iron, sulfur and manganese. It is almost like it is hitting it with air or an oxidizing agent. Except that it is entirely natural. It takes ferric and ferrous iron, and turns them into a sediment form which can’t pass through its dense mineral bed. It can also move strong chemicals such as chlorine from the water if they are needed to kill iron bacteria. There will be no chlorine in the home or septic system. It does this naturally. Removes ALL types of iron and rust with virtually no maintenance.

Unlike birm filters which require air injection and much higher minimum pH ranges. Or other filters which require chlorine, salt or hazardous chemicals such as potassium permanganate. Terminox® is environmentally friendly. And requires no additives at all. It periodically cleans itself in the middle of the night, or whenever you want it to. And requires virtually no maintenance. You just “Set it and forget it”. It removes iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, sediment, turbidity and harsh chemicals such as chlorine. 

As the mineral is a catalyst, it virtually never requires removal and replacement when properly applied. The average Terminox filter should last you 25 to 35 years. It is state of the art Technology that is offered exclusively by WFOA™.

Finally, Terminox® requires no chemical regeneration and the drinking water contains no contaminants.

Terminox® has a high capacity for low contaminant concentrations. Therefore, Terminox® can be used in conjunction with aeration, chlorination, ozone or other pretreatment methods for difficult applications. Also, Chlorine or other oxidants accelerate the catalytic reaction.

Highest quality iron filters use a media called Terminox.

Terminox Advantages:  

  • Effective reduction of iron, sulfur and manganese
  • Durable material with long service life and low annual attrition of bed
  • No chemical regeneration required only periodic backwashing

Terminox Physical Properties:

Terminox® ISM, the most advanced well water filter ever designed. Sold exclusively by Water Filters of America™. Also, Terminox® is far superior to Filox, Birm, air injectors, Greensand and Pyrolox. We should know. Because we sell all of those water filters also. No harsh chemicals and no salt needed. Finally, nothing to add or replace. You just set it and forget it.

Firstly, compare to home iron filtration systems costing THREE TIMES as much or more. Also, remember we use only the finest national name brand components on everything we sell. Therefore, this iron, sulfur and manganese conditioner is our most popular whole house iron removal water filter. Our Terminox® ISM backwashing iron filter comes with lifetime technical support. Lastly, support is available 7 days a week including most Sundays and holidays. This industry leading support means you should never have to pay for an expensive service call.


Terminox Mineral and Media